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Copyright Policy

Intellectual Property Ownership

IPR and Copyright Norms for Material Presented on this website

The performers and craftsmen featured on the website have graciously agreed to share their performances and creations with Daricha`s audiences. To respect the intellectual property rights of the artists please respect the following terms:

1. All content presented on this website is within the copyright of Daricha Foundation or its associates.

2. While techniques and compositions in traditional arts and crafts are (arguably) regarded as public domain, individual performances and pieces are not. The copyright of the traditional arts and crafts presented on this website lies with its performers and creators. As such, please do not reproduce completely or in part the images, audio or video clips of these works.

3. In case you are inspired by what you see or hear here and would like to create a new piece or song or dance based on it, please acknowledge the original performer/creator/community (and this website www.daricha.org, where you accessed it) when you present your work.