Bahar Chitrakar :: Song on Mujibur Rahman
Patua Bahar Chitrakar sings a song he had composed during the Bangladesh War of 1971 on Mujibur Rahman. Live recording at Uttorongo Mela at the Gurusaday Museum grounds, May 2012. The gist of the song is this : Mujib-ur-Rehman liberated Bangladesh from Jinnah’s Pakistan. He was imprisoned through the cunning tricks of Pakistanis. Mujib, who was on a hunger strike in prison, lost weight. Millions migrated to the other Bengal and many lost their lives through the atrocities of the Pakistani soldiers. The Pakistanis nevertheless were losing the battle. A nervous Yahya Khan sent Bhutto as his emissary. The brave Bangladeshis fought a valiant war. The Pakistanis used sten and machine guns, killed millions, but finally had to surrender.
Location : Kolkata, West Bengal
Duration : 1m 48s
Source : Live recording
Copyright : © 2012 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : Pater Gaan, Folk Music