Amar Chandra Singha :: Bhawaiya : Oki patidhan, mokhey korilen gabur boishey aharirey
The talented Amar Chandra Singha sings a Dariya song composed by Gangacharan Biswas, a peer of Abbasuddin. The song, which belongs to the Bhawaiya genre, is the lament of a young widow and describes her grief at the loss of her beloved husband.
Date : August 4, 2014
Location : University of North Bengal, Siliguri, Darjeeling, West Bengal
Duration : 4m 6s
Language : Rajbongshi
Instruments used : Dotara
Source : Live recording
Copyright : ©2017 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : North Bengal, Rajbongshi, Bhawaiya, Dariya