Sahadev Kisku :: Chadar Badani puppetry
Chadar Bad(o)ni is a form of traditional Santal puppetry, practised by just a few members of the community. It is traditionally performed during the Dasae festival. The performers here are Matal Kisku the puppeteer, Sahadev Kisku on the Banam, Bijoy Tudu on the tamak (dhamsha) and Mangal Kisku on the tumdak (madol). The songs performed are the Dong, followed by a Tudung Lagre.
Date : December 21, 2017
Location : Ramnagar village, Ilambazar , West Bengal
Duration : 9m 29s
Language : Santali
Instruments used : Dhodro Banam, Tumdak, Tamak
Source : Live recording
Copyright : ©2017 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.
Subject : Santal, puppetry, Birbhum