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The Nachni dance had its origins in the post Chaitanya period in the Chhotanagpur plateau and Rarh Bengal. Female dancers or Nachnis, trained by and accompanied by their rasiks (male partners who were poets-singers-dancers) performed in the courts of local kings, or estates of chieftains and rich landlords. The songs to which they danced was the Darbari Jhumur. The tradition continues till today, though in altered circumstances. Jyotsana Devi is one of the few traditional nachnis today. Here she performs solo , while her rasik, Bikash Mahato, plays the madol and tabla.Her rasik does not accompany her for this special performance for us. The song is a Bhaduriya Jhumur, written by contemporary Jhumur poet Sunil Mahato. This was the last performance in a set of three numbers - the first two (not in this video) being a bandana and the traditional Darbari Jhumur that is associated with this dance tradition.
Creator : Ratnaboli Bose
Date : October 2019
Location : Tilgora village, Para, Purulia, West Bengal
Duration : 6m 23s
Language : Kurmali
Instruments used : Madol, Tabla, Maracas
Source : Live recording
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Subject : Nachni, Jhumur, Purulia,