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Galar Putul or lac dolls is a threatened craft, because there is just the one traditional artist who has continued to uphold this art - Brindaban Chanda of Pashchimsai village in Purba Medinipur. All the other families who once practised this craft have, for more than a decade, switched to other occupations. With diminishing demand and low prices of the dolls, it was no longer a sustainable occupation. Only Brindaban has soldiered on but the craft is in danger of extinction. During Covid, with the help of a generous donation from Tega Industries, we organised a workshop for the 2nd generation of traditional lac doll families in Brindaban`s village, who had long given up the craft. The goal was to create income opportunities for the trainees in a difficult time and also ensure the continuity of a traditional craft.
Date : November 30, 2020
Location : Paschimsai village, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
Duration : 5m 40s
Source : Live recording
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Subject : Lac Dolls